The Main Rules and Strategies to Bet on Formula 1

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Formula 1 is a very unique sport to bet on, with many exclusive nuances. Luckily for you, we gathered the most important rules and strategies.

Specific betting rules you need to know

Betting on Formula 1 can be very exciting and rewarding, but in order to increase your chances of placing that winning bet, you need to know what you are doing. We have compiled a list of all the common rules and regulations you should be aware of.

Retrospective penalties

In Formula 1, penalties can be issued to teams or racers after the event has taken place. However, rest assured that most betting sites pay out your winnings according to the results settled at the time of the podium presentation.

Even if a driver is penalized or disqualified retrospectively, your bets and their corresponding rewards won’t be affected.

Head to head betting

This type of bet, also known as driver versus driver betting, pits two particular drivers against each other. You bet on which of the two will finish the race first. For your bet to be valid both racers must run the track.

If neither of them finishes the event, you can still win your payout if the driver you bet on had the higher number of complete laps. If that number is the same for the two, the bet is invalid.

Times and standings

All betting sites must adjust their information, bets and payouts to the official times and classifications provided by the FIA. The FIA is the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (International Automobile Federation), the governing body for motorsports worldwide.

Did not start

A driver can be classified as DNS, which stands for Did Not Start. In that case, the majority of betting sites will cancel the bets on that driver. Before choosing your preferred betting platform, check out if it still somehow considers your bets on DNS racers as valid.

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What you must consider on your betting strategy

Next, we take a brief look at key considerations you have to have in place for a great Formula 1 betting strategy.


To develop a strong betting strategy, the grid positions must be analyzed alongside the record of results in each course. That’s because, historically, the rankings vary in importance depending on the track and the stage of the championship.

For example, getting a pole position at the Italian Grand Prix has been assuring a win in over 80% of the subsequent races. On the other hand, just slightly over 30% of the drivers who have qualified for a pole ranking at the Canadian Grand Prix have gone on to win.

These are just two examples which allow you to understand that you must always consider the history of results for each circuit before betting on the event.


Understanding how different tires perform is a crucial part of betting on Formula 1. You need to study how the tire characteristics; the specific features of the track and the driving style of the racer interact with one another.


Always look at the weather forecast before closing your bet. When the temperatures are lower and the rain falls, the race is deeply affected. Check out which drivers perform better under poor weather. Less experienced racers are likely to struggle.


Keep updated on changes in regulation. Each championship season introduces rules that can heavily affect how you must bet to win big. These changes happen across all aspects of Formula 1 racing.

Most importantly, we emphasize that you study each track in-depth. The demands and opportunities are completely unique across circuits. Your bets should be adjusted to each event.

Follow these rules and strategies and you’ll be on the right track (pun intended) to bet successfully.

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