September 17, 2017

Last day of competition started in Barcelona on a chilly Sunday, with chilly temperatures before the drivers head on track for the thirty-minute qualifying session deciding for both weekend’s races starting positions.


Teams had different strategies as the green flag light up at the end of the pitlane. SMP Racing drivers head out on track immediately, as Drivex School. On the other hand, MP Motorsport and FA Racing decided to wait and use one set of tires only.

Drivex School drivers were the first one to enter pits to change their Hankook rubbers to new one, followed by Smolyar who was already onto P1 in 1.48.506 and Volegov in 1.49.659 holding onto P2.

However the drama came from Malaysian driver Nazim Azman who beached his car in gravel in T3, which meant that Yellow flags were out. And that was on that moment that 9 drivers out of 12 decided to infrige the Yello Flag and improved their time in S1, leading to penalties to fly at the end of the session.

Alexander Smolyar, Ivan Berets and Nazim Azman being the only drivers not having improved would respectively start from P1, P… and P….

Russian Smolyar therefore got a double position for the two races in Barcelona.

Alexander Smolyar, SMP Racing

“I really hold myself in S1, especially when I saw that everyone was overtaking me. But I knew that with the Yellow flags out, I had to slow down. At the end it paid off, as not only did I get the fastest lap (1. 47.341), but I did not get any penalty. I am looking forward to the races!”


1. A. SMOLYAR 1.47.341
2. B. VISCAAL +1.48.211
3. N. VOLEGOV +0.992
4. C. LUNDGAARD +1.114
5. J. GONZALES +1.139
6. M. GARCIA +1.311
7. L. DUNNER +1.446
8. G. PUJEU +1.523
9. SM TROGEN +1.544
10. I. BERETS +1.896
11. J. CAOUETTE +2.441
12. N. AZMAN +2.021



Alexander Smolyar was sitting in pole position as lights went off for the 25’+1lap race, but the drama hit the Russian SMP Racing driver as he salled on the grid and was sent back to the back of the field. There on, Smolyar was on a mission to grab back his lost positions.

Bent Viscaal who started P2, took the lead and never released it, performing a lights fo flag victory and bringing MP Motorsport a doublé as Christian Lundgaard followed his trail.

Behind the Dutch-team 1-2, Javier Gonzales managed to put his F4 Tatuus-Abarth car onto P3, while behind him Volegov and Dunner were at fight for P4.

It was without counting on Alexander Smolyar who took down his opponents one by one, to finish the first race of the weekend onto P3.

Gonzales, Volegov and Dunner fight for P4 led to Lukas Dunner to break his front nose and forced the Austrian driver to pits for a quick change, same for Sami-Matti Trogen who had the same breakdown during a fight with Marta Garcia.

At the chequered flag, Bent Viscaal took a well-deserved victory, while championship leader Christian Lundgaard took P2 and Alexander Smolyar completed the podium.

Bent Viscaal, MP Motorsport

“It was a perfect race for me, P1 and fastest lap, could not do better. The key-moment of the race was the start, when I took the lead. I struggled a bit with the tires at the end, so we will get a fix for next race”

Guillem Pujeu, FA Racing

“The race was a bit difficult. We could save tires compared to the rest of the field and attack on the last laps to end up P6”


2. C. LUNDGAARD +0.621
3. A. SMOLYAR +4.322
4. J. GONZALES +14.567
5. N. VOLEGOV +14.653
6. G. PUJEU +15.666
7. I. BERETS +16.383
8. M. GARCIA +18.073
9. N. AZMAN +18.649
10. J. CAOUETTE +24.873
11. L. DUNNER +1.27.228
12. SM TROGEN +1.28.314

Fastest Lap
Lap 6, B. Viscaal



The last race of the weekend started in the same fashion than Race 1. Alexander Smolyar was still sitting onto P1, with Bent Viscaal behind him and Nikita Volegov in P3. However this time, Christian Lundgaard would launch his machine from P7 while Javier Gonzales (Drivex School) was on the second row in P4.

As the lights went off, Smolyar took a clean start and escaped from Bent Viscaal threat lap after lap.

Bent Viscaal and Nikita Volegov never managed to catch back Smolyar, even though Viscaal set a very late fastest lap of 1.48.607.

Behind the trio, Gonzalez (Drivex School) fought hard against Lundgaard’s attempts to take P4, but would eventually lose his pace in the last lap to leave the door opened for Christian Lundgaard to take P4.

Guillem Pujeu who was struggling in P9 for the majority of the race, managed to pick up his pace at the end and passed the chequered flag holding onto P7, passing Sami-Matti Trogen.

As the 3rd round is coming to an end, Christian Lundgaard is still leading the overall championship with 144 points, but Bent Viscaal is not P2 with 102 points and Alexander Smolyar P3 with 94 points.

Next round will be in one week shy as the teams will have few days off only before the 2017 F4 Spanish Championship certified by FIA hit the road to join Jerez Circuit for the 4th Round of the season.

2. B. VISCAAL +0.860
3. N. VOLEGOV +3.606
4. J. GONZALES +5.471
5. C. LUNDGAARD +5.885
6. L. DUNNER +11.359
7. G. PUJEU +17.857
8. SM. TROGEN +18.355
9. M. GARCIA +18.829
10. I. BERETS +20.354
11. N. AZMAN +25.915
12. J. CAOUETTE +30.500

Fastest Lap
Lap 14, B. Viscaal


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