September 5, 2017


The second and last day of competition in Navarra started with the second race of the weekend. A short race of 18’+1lap where only the 8 best drivers would score, where the starting grid is based on Qualifying 1 second best time.

And it was Christian Lundgaard whom, thanks to his second best lap time, snatched the pole position for the short race. Behind him was Bent Viscaal and on row 2, Alexander Smolyar (SMP Racing) and Nazim Azman (MP Motorsport).

The start went without any issue as all the cars came into T1 cleanly. However, due to another very bad start, Azman was down to P9 and got passed by Tuomas Haapalainen and Lukas Dunner. Nikita Volegov who struggled the whole weekend with his braking system, was up to P7 in Lap 1 after having started in P10, chasing down Javier Gonzalez (Drivex School) for P6.

Guillem Pujeu who was forced to retire from Quali yesterday, had to start, once more, from the back of the grid. But took a massive start to place his single-seater onto P10 and setting fastest lap throughout the race. Meanwhile, Marta Garcia who got a part lose in her car, had to do a pitstop and rejoined the back of the pack.

At the chequered flag, Christian Lundgaard scored his fourth win of the season, while Bent Viscaal allowed MP Motorsport to sign a doublé. Alexander Smolyar took the third step of the podium for SMP Racing.



The second fifteen-minute qualifying session started at midday, and Guillem Pujeu was the first driver to head on track, followed by MP Motorsport drivers. But Tuomas Haapalainen and Sami-Matti Trogen (SMP Racing) were the first drivers to top the provisional classification. However, Guillem Pujeu, after yesterday’s misadventure, was eager to set a good result. The Spaniard went onto P1 wit 8’ to go on the clock.

But the Quali did not end there as Viscaal improved, followed by Alexander Smolyar and again Viscaal who pulled out a fantastic lap. However, in the very last lap, it was Christian Lundgaard who improved on Bent’s time by 0.052! Top 4 being in 1 tenth!
Tuomas Haapalainen would start from P3, Alexander Smolyar from P4 and Guillem Pujeu from P5.



The last race of the weekend took place under warm temperatures for this end of summer, and as the lights went off, Bent Viscaal dive-bombed into T1 to overtake Christian Lundgaard, quickly followed by Alexander Smolyar, leaving the Championship leader onto P3. However, the Russian move on Dane Lundgaard would cost him at the end of the Race, as the SMP Racing driver was demoted to P10.

In the first lap, Sami-Matti Trogen divebombed into T4, taking out Volegov and Dunner while Tuomas Haapalainen dropped down to P7. It was therefore Guillem Pujeu who hold onto P4 for the rest of the race.

With 4 laps to go in the last race of the weekend, Tuomas Haapalainen experienced an issue with his engine, which dropped him down to P9, a difficult weekend for the Finn, as he teammate and fellow countryman Sami-Matti Trogen was chasing down Pujeu, but with not much success.

As the chequered flag was waived, Bent Viscaal took his first win of the season in F4 Spain, going up to P3 in the general classification. Alexander Smolyar and Sami-Matti Trogen both got a 25 seconds penalty.

Christian Lundgaard still leads the Championship, with Tuomas Haapalainen in P2.

The F4 Spanish Championship certified by FIA will return to action in Barcelona, on 16-17 of September!


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