September 24, 2017

The 14 drivers went out on the Andalusia for the last time this morning for Race 3. A 25’+1lap which was closing Round 4 in Circuito de Jerez.
Alexander Smolyar was again sitting on pole-position thanks to his second best time in Quali and was on his way for a hat-trick weekend.

Race 3

As the lights went off, Jakes Caouette (Drivex School) stalled on the grid, dropping from P9, his best qualifying time, to last. The young Canadian-born driver was then on a mission to pick up with the 13 other drivers who went through the start without incident.

Alexander Smolyar had a perfect start, giving him the chance to score a hat-trick this weekend and take a total of 65 points in Jerez. Behing him, with an equally fantastic weekend was Javier Gonzalez (Drivex School) who was holding onto P2 and did not let it go to Lundgaard who stayed stuck behind the Mexican for the whole race.

As top 3 was flying away, the battle started behind, as Marta Garcia starting from P3, dropped to P5 as Ben Viscaal managed to pass her in the early times of the Race, leaving Garcia at fight with Guillem Pujeu. Both drivers had side-by-side racing, but the FA Racing driver just could not find any possibility to overtake the Renault Sport Academy driver.

The fighting ended in bad fashion as in the penultimate lap of the race, in the very last corner, both drivers had contact, leading to both cars to retire from Race 3.

Nikita Volegov who was P7 for the 10 first laps, did a mistake and went wide, allowing Tuomas Haapalainen, Sami-Matti Trogen and Lukas Dunner to go through. Meaning the Russian was to finish the race P10.

Drama happened again to Tuomas Haapalainen on the final lap, as his car suffered a mechanical failure, leaving him out of the race, few meters from the end of the race.

The Race did not come without it lots of penalties, leaving Tuomas Haapalainen with a 5sec penalty for track limits, and Sami-Matti Trogen with a 10 places grid penalty in Navarra Race 1 due to his third reprimand of the season.

Alexander Smolyar scored his first hat-trick of the season and comforts his position in the Championship cutting Christian Lundgaard’s lead to 18 points in the general classification.

Navarra Round 5 in three weeks, will be one to follow to see if Smolyar can, for the first time this season, claim the lead in the second season of the F4 Spanish Championship certified by FIA.

Alexander Smolyar, SMP Racing

“It’s unbelievable! I am so happy! Massive job from the team to give me a perfect car this weekend! Thanks guys”

Javier Gonzalez, Drivex School

“It was quite a good weekend! Lots of improvement since my first race in Navarra, so I’m pretty happy with that. Now it’s time to find those little tenths from Smolyar and go for the win”




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