September 23, 2017

Darkness was still enveloping sleepy Circuito de Jerez when the teams got the track for Race 1 to start at 08.30. The sun lazily rose fifteen minutes before the 14 drivers of Round 4 headed to the 25’+1lap

Race 1

Alexander Smolyar was comfortabley sitting onto pole-position, with Javier Gonzalez next to him and Championship leader Christian Lundgaard on P3. However, Alexander Smolyar and Javer Gonzalez had used tires, due to his Qualifying strategy, when MP Motorsport drivers had two new tires mounted on their car.

Smolyar has a clean start and led the field into T1, while Lundgaard got the upper hand on Gonzalez and took P2 after the start. Behind them, Pujeu got up to P4 whlie Marta dropped to P5 and started creating a train of drivers behind her, including Nikita Volegov, Bent Viscaal, Tuomas Haapalainen, Lukas Dunner and Sami-Matti Trogen. But the Spaniard was not impressed, and kept her position for most of the race, until Nikita Volegov finally overtook her for P5 with 14’+1lap to go.

Nikita Volegov had a very good pace, driving over 7 tenths faster than Pujeu, but could not make any move on the FA Racing driver.

In the mid-field, battles were raging as Tuomas Haapalainen dropped down in an intent to pass Viscaal, allowing Dunner to step up. But Sami-Matti Trogen in ambush finally got the Austrian-born driver to left him down to P11.

Ivan Berets scored a point, by getting in the points window on the very last laps of the Race.

At the chequered flag, Alexander Smolyar took his 3rd victory of the season in a dominant fashion, having an 8sec gap over Gonzalez who came home P2. It was the first podium in the F4 Spanish Championship for the young Mexican, and first podium for Drivex School this season.

Alexander Smolyar, SMP Racing

“The key-moment of the race was the start for me. From that moment, I knew that I could win this one. Gonzalez and Lundgaard fighting behind me, just gave me more breathing space. I am happy with this 3rd victory an going up to P2 in the Championship”

Javier Gonzalez, Drivex School

“I’m happy with this first podium in F4 Spain, the team did an awesome job. I struggled at the start but then I had a good pace and took back P2. I’ll push for a win in the next race!”

Christian Lundgaard, MP Motorsport

“I am disappointed with my race. I pushed as much as i could but we just did not have the pace this morning. Let’s get the most out of Race 2″


Race 2

The short race of the weekend started as the sun was high and with Alexander Smolyar (SMP Racing) again sitting in pole-position. Behind him was Drivex school young gun Javier Gonzalez and Marta Garcia hauled herself up to P3 thanks to her 3rd best lap time in Qualifying yesterday. Renault Sport protégé Christian Lundgaard was to start from P5.

As the drivers completed the Formation Lap, an additional lap was called out as Tuomas Haapalainen was stuck in the chicane with a fuel pump failure.

As the lights went off, Alexander Smolyar had a swift start and took the lead while Javier Gonzalez followed him through. However Spaniard Marta Garcia had a bad start and dropped down to P5, allowing Guillem Pujeu to go up to P3.

Lap 1 was not short of drama as Sami-Matti Trogen stopped as well, due to a mechanical issue and was forced to retire from the Race.

As the 18’+1lap race went on, Pujeu tires’ wear off and Christian Lundgaard, who preserved one new set of tires for the races, could chase him down and overtake him for P3. The Dane did not stop his crusade there as he also took down Javier Gonzalez, to hold onto P2 as the chequered flag was waved.

In the mid-field, Marta Garcia was at fight with Bent Viscaal, who did a mistake and dropped down to P7 as Nikita Volegov overtook him to end the race P6.

After the race, Christian Lundgaard got penalized for pushing out Guillem Pujeu on his move for P3 and got a 5 sec penalty dropping him down to P4 and promoting Javier Gonzalez to P2 and Guillem Pujeu to P3.

The last day of competition will feature one race, starting at 08.30, with Alexander Smolyar again sitting in pole position.

Alexander Smolyar, SMP Racing

“The race went smooth and the car was just perfect. Thank you to my team for such an amazing job! We have one race to go for this weekend and I hope to get a good result as well”

Guillem Pujeu, FA Racing

“The race was pretty good, and that was also thanks to a good start which put me up to P3 immediately. I then was stuck all the race behind Gonzalez and tried to pass him but could not as i had understeer. In the final laps Christian Lundgaard passed me and that was the race. Christian got penalized for pushing me out of the track and gaining a position, so I finally took P3. He came to apologize for his move and I thank him for that”




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