June 24, 2017

Day 2 of competition started today on the beautiful circuit of Motorland Aragon. In the early morning, the temperatures were already up to 22 degrees, and the day was to be very hot for the drivers and teams of the 2017 F4 Spanish Championship certified by FIA.

Qualifying 1

The first qualifying of the season started at 09.00, with the air being still breathable. Drivex was the first team on track, followed by FA Racing and MP Motorsport.

Renault Sport Academy driver Christian Lundgaard who took one more lap to heat up his car and tires, set his first fastest time in Lap 5 in 2.00.943, but it finally was Xavier Lloveras from FA Racing, whom in Lap 7 snatched the first pole position of the season in 2.00.878. The team backed up by Fernando Alonso did a fantastic job, with Guillem Pujeu, putting his Tatuus-Abath F4 car in P4. Best result of the season so far for the young Spanish, who’s doing a double program with F4 NEZ.

Nikita Volegov, Russian driver from SMP Racing, set the third fastest lap of Q1 and was to start on the second line alongside Pujeu.

Tuomas Haapalainen and Alexander Smolyar, both driving for SMP Racing were to share the thrid row while Berets, Dunner, Puhakka and Trogen completed the top 10.

Xavier Lloveras snatched the second best time of qualifying 1 as well, handing him a double pole position for the day.

Race 1

Race 1, first long race of the weekend, started at 12.30, under a heavy sun. The 14 drivers of the 2017 season were ready to hit the boiling track for a 25min +1 lap Race. Bent Viscaal, from MP Motorsport, suffering a gearbox issue, could not start the race.

Xavier Lloveras was in pole, but did not remained at his spot after few meters into the race, as the Spaniard missed his start and hand the lead to MP Motorsport driver Christian Lundgaard. The Dane willingly took his chance to drive straight to the chequered flag.

Xavier Lloveras

“I know I have the pace, as this morning quali was perfect. I just got some issues I have to check with the team before we head to Race 2”

Alexander Smolyar had a good start and jumped from P6 to P2 as his teammate Nikita Volegov was stuck at the start behind a slow Lloveras. Tuomas Haapalainen fought hard with the Spaniard and finally got the upper hand and held onto P3 until the end of the race.

Unfortunate Javier Cobian got hit on the first lap, forcing him to retire from the race, Puhakka and Trogen did not see the finish line neither.

Drivex driver Ivan Berets got tremendous fights on track, giving everything he had to overtake Pujeu who was holding onto P5, but his tries were vain, and even took him backwards to P8 while trying.

Ivan Berets

“It is the first time I have to fight so much on track! So I have been learning lots actually. On the moment it was hard as the heat is strong, it is more than 50 degrees in the cockpit. But now, it is good memories!”

Marta Garcia finished the race P10, but got a 25 sec penalty due to the incidents on track.

At the finish line, Christian Lundgaard took his first win of the season in the 2017 F4 Spain Championship. Alexander Smolyar and Haapalainen completing the podium for SMP Racing.

Race 2

At 16.10, the short race of the weekend started for a 18-minute plus one lap fight.
Xavier Lloveras having set the second best lap of Qualifying 1, was sitting again in pole position, with Nikita Volegov in P2 and Race 1 winner Lundgaard in P3.

At the start, Looveras from FA Racing, kept the lead in T1, but quickly lost ground to Christian Lundgaard who passed him, followed by Nikita Volegov.

Tuomas Haapalainen in ambush, caught him and a terrible fight started with Haapalainen, Lloveras and Smolyar driveing side by side. In a misjudging moment, Alexander Smolyar touched Lloveras’ rear right tire and flew over T14, while the impact pushed the Spaniard onto Haapalainen. The driver came out unhurt from the terrible accident. But the three drivers were forced to retire from the dramatic race. Safety car was called on track until the medical team decided to evacuate the driver, then, the race was red flagged and suspended for 20 minutes.

The race restarted under Safety Car and Christian Lundgaard kept the lead until the chequered flag, while Nikita Volegov took P2 and Bent Viscaal overtook Berets and Puhakka for P3 on the last moment of the race.

Sami-Matti Trogen, youngest driver on the grid got a 25 seconds penalty for the incident on track.

A second win for the Renault Sport Academy driver Christian Lundgaard, who’s leading the championship with maximum possible points and 16 points gap to SMP Racing Russian driver Nikita Volegov. On the teams side, MP Motorsport leads SMP Racing by 3 mere points, FA Racing is third and Drivex school P4.

Tomorrow the day will start at 09.30 with Qualifying 2 and Race 2 will close this first round of the season at 12.35!

Qualifying 1 results

1. X. Lloveras 2.00.878
2. C. Lundgaard +0.065
3. N. Volegov +0.361
4. G. Pujeu +0.381
5. T. Haapalainen +0.428
6. A. Smolyar +0.462
7. I. Berets +0.530
8. L. Dunner +0.741
9. J. Puhakka +1.113
10. SM. Trogen +1.496
11. J. Cobian +1.730
12. M. Garcia +1.978
13. J. Caouette +3.567
14. B. Viscaal +5.834

Race 1 results

1. C. Lundgaard
2. A. Smolyar +3.715
3. T. Haapalainen +4.582
4. N. Volegov +11.925
5. X. Lloveras +14.032
6. G. Pujeu +18.448
7. L. Dunner +18.755
8. I. Berets +19.809
9. M. Garcia +23.365
10. J. Caouette +42.127

Not classified
J. Puhakka
J. Cobian
SM Trogen
B. Viscaal

Race 2 results

1. C. Lundgaard
2. N. Volegov +2.619
3. B. Viscaal +7.906
4. J. Puhakka +8.483
5. I. Berets +10.910
6. M. Garcia +12.561
7. G. Pujeu +12.561
8. SM. Trogen +13.081
9. J. Cobian +17.031
10. J. Caouette +23.436

Not classified
L. Dunner
X. Lloveras
T. Haapalainen
A. Smolyar




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