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Round 3 Portimao

July 8-10, 2016

Lap Record
Friday, July 8
FP1 09:00-10:00
FP2 14:00-15:00
Saturday, July 9
QLF 10:30-11:00
R1 16:00-16:30
Sunday, July 10
R2 09:30-10:00
R3 13:00-13:30
Onboard Lap


Free Practice 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
141Alexander Vartanyan131:50.163--
244Sebastián Fernández151:50.408+0.245+0.245
314Juho Valtanen91:50.572+0.409+0.164
421Xavier Lloveras111:50.722+0.559+0.150
57Nikita Volegov81:51.083+0.920+0.361
64Tuomas Tujula81:51.621+1.458+0.538
750Tuomas Haapalainen91:51.628+1.465+0.007
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Free Practice 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor61:50.370--
214Juho Valtanen101:50.761+0.391+0.391
34Tuomas Tujula101:51.404+1.034+0.643
441Alexander Vartanyan131:51.441+1.071+0.037
521Xavier Lloveras111:51.676+1.306+0.235
644Sebastián Fernández131:51.697+1.327+0.021
77Nikita Volegov121:51.924+1.554+0.227
850Tuomas Haapalainen81:52.496+2.126+0.572
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Qualifying 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor71:50.725--
214Juho Valtanen81:51.114+0.389+0.389
341Alexander Vartanyan81:51.218+0.493+0.104
450Tuomas Haapalainen81:51.244+0.519+0.026
54Tuomas Tujula81:51.272+0.547+0.028
621Xavier Lloveras81:51.320+0.595+0.048
77Nikita Volegov81:51.509+0.784+0.189
844Sebastián Fernández81:51.575+0.850+0.066
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Race 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor1428:18.609--
214Juho Valtanen1428:19.747+1.138+1.138
341Alexander Vartanyan1428:21.140+2.531+1.393
44Tuomas Tujula1428:23.925+5.316+2.785
521Xavier Lloveras1428:26.615+8.006+2.690
644Sebastián Fernández1428:29.136+10.527+2.521
750Tuomas Haapalainen1DNF--
87Nikita Volegov1DNF--
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Qualifying 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
141Alexander Vartanyan81:49.587--
222Richard Verschoor71:49.601+0.014+0.014
314Juho Valtanen81:49.666+0.079+0.065
44Tuomas Tujula81:49.787+0.200+0.121
57Nikita Volegov81:49.876+0.289+0.089
650Tuomas Haapalainen81:50.018+0.431+0.142
721Xavier Lloveras71:50.168+0.581+0.150
844Sebastián Fernández71:50.548+0.961+0.380
Full Results

Race 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor1120:27.269--
241Alexander Vartanyan1120:30.532+3.263+3.263
314Juho Valtanen1120:34.547+7.278+4.015
444Sebastián Fernández1120:38.330+11.061+3.783
54Tuomas Tujula1120:40.799+13.530+2.469
650Tuomas Haapalainen1120:41.045+13.776+0.246
721Xavier Lloveras1120:44.556+17.287+3.511
87Nikita Volegov1121:03.444+76.175+58.888
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Race 3

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor1527:51.966--
241Alexander Vartanyan1527:59.345+7.379+7.379
314Juho Valtanen1528:06.329+54.363+46.984
44Tuomas Tujula1528:10.644+58.678+4.315
550Tuomas Haapalainen1528:12.342+60.376+1.698
621Xavier Lloveras1528:20.897+68.931+8.555
77Nikita Volegov1528:33.506+81.540+12.609
844Sebastián Fernández8DNF--
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