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Round 2 Navarra

September 2-3, 2017

Los Arcos
3.933 km
Lap Record
Saturday, September 2
FP1 09:00-10:00
FP2 14:00-15:00
Sunday, September 3
QLF 10:30-11:00
R1 16:00-16:30
Sunday, September 3
R2 09:30-10:00
R3 13:00-13:30
Onboard Lap


Free Practice 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
110Alexander Smolyar100:00.000--
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Free Practice 2

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Qualifying 1

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Race 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
110Alexander Smolyar1627:16.542--
25Christian Lundgaard1627:17.299+0.757+0.757
332Tuomas Haapalainen1627:25.176+8.634+7.877
48Lukas Dunner1627:25.457+8.915+0.281
517Nazim Azman1627:25.876+9.334+0.419
612Bent Viscaal1627:31.144+14.602+5.268
722Sami-Matti Trogen1627:31.714+15.172+0.570
858Javier Gonzalez1627:32.151+15.609+0.437
919Marta Garcia1627:33.641+17.099+1.490
107Nikita Volegov1627:35.926+19.384+2.285
1199Jakes Caouette1627:44.559+28.017+8.633
1288Ivan Berets1627:48.850+32.308+4.291
1318Guillem Pujeu16DNF--
144Javier Cobian1DNF--
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Qualifying 2

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Race 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
15Christian Lundgaard1220:32.367--
212Bent Viscaal1220:32.804+0.437+0.437
310Alexander Smolyar1220:34.162+1.795+1.358
432Tuomas Haapalainen1220:34.810+2.443+0.648
58Lukas Dunner1220:36.429+4.062+1.619
67Nikita Volegov1220:40.479+8.112+4.050
758Javier Gonzalez1220:41.448+9.081+0.969
822Sami-Matti Trogen1220:41.775+9.408+0.327
918Guillem Pujeu1220:42.191+9.824+0.416
1017Nazim Azman1220:45.383+13.016+3.192
1199Jakes Caouette1221:03.190+70.823+57.807
1219Marta Garcia1221:55.467+1:23.100+52.277
1388Ivan Berets1217:22.842+-3:09.525+-4:32.625
144Javier Cobian1DNF--
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Race 3

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
112Bent Viscaal1627:14.309--
25Christian Lundgaard1627:19.310+5.001+5.001
318Guillem Pujeu1627:20.272+5.963+0.962
458Javier Gonzalez1627:28.061+13.752+7.789
517Nazim Azman1627:29.464+15.155+1.403
688Ivan Berets1627:30.389+16.080+0.925
719Marta Garcia1627:35.845+21.536+5.456
832Tuomas Haapalainen1627:38.123+23.814+2.278
999Jakes Caouette1627:40.715+26.406+2.592
1010Alexander Smolyar1627:43.753+29.444+3.038
1122Sami-Matti Trogen1627:52.181+37.872+8.428
127Nikita Volegov1DNF--
138Lukas Dunner1DNF--
144Javier Cobian1DNF--
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