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Round 6 Jarama

October 15-16, 2016

Lap Record
Saturday, October 15
FP1 09:00-10:00
FP2 14:00-15:00
Sunday, October 16
QLF 10:30-11:00
R1 16:00-16:30
Sunday, October 16
R2 09:30-10:00
R3 13:00-13:30
Onboard Lap


Free Practice 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
131Antolin Gonzales100:00.000--
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Free Practice 2

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Qualifying 1

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Race 1

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor1626:46.326--
24Tuomas Tujula1626:47.113+0.787+0.787
350Tuomas Haapalainen1626:48.553+2.227+1.440
441Alexander Vartanyan1626:52.511+6.185+3.958
544Sebastián Fernández1626:56.602+10.276+4.091
67Nikita Volegov1626:57.146+10.820+0.544
721Xavier Lloveras1626:57.874+11.548+0.728
888Marta Garcia1627:04.080+57.754+46.206
931Antolin Gonzales1DNF--
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Qualifying 2

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Race 2

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor1320:28.030--
24Tuomas Tujula1320:29.133+1.103+1.103
350Tuomas Haapalainen1320:38.274+10.244+9.141
421Xavier Lloveras1320:38.434+10.404+0.160
541Alexander Vartanyan1320:38.777+10.747+0.343
644Sebastián Fernández1320:39.141+11.111+0.364
77Nikita Volegov1320:39.621+11.591+0.480
888Marta Garcia1320:41.583+13.553+1.962
931Antolin Gonzales1DNF--
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Race 3

Pos No Name Laps Time Gap Int
122Richard Verschoor1726:40.605--
221Xavier Lloveras1726:52.324+11.719+11.719
34Tuomas Tujula1726:52.931+12.326+0.607
441Alexander Vartanyan1726:53.241+12.636+0.310
550Tuomas Haapalainen1726:53.373+12.768+0.132
67Nikita Volegov1726:53.949+13.344+0.576
788Marta Garcia1726:59.226+18.621+5.277
844Sebastián Fernández1727:00.179+59.574+40.953
931Antolin Gonzales1727:10.588+69.983+10.409
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