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Please follow these steps

F4 Spain works with an Application Form in PDF format. There are multiple ways of filling it in and getting it back to us signed.


1. The quickest and easiest way is to download the Application Form and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it installed we suggest you do so by following this link:

2. Once installed, open the downloaded Application Form. Read the document carefully.

3. Scroll down to page 3 and on the right hand side click “Fill & Sign”. Start clicking on text fields and start filling in the form. When done click the cross on the top right side to exit the page.

4.  Scroll down to page 5 and repeat the process. However, when you want to sign the document click the “Sign” in the bar above the page. Choose “Add Signature” and than at the top of the pop-up screen your preferred method of signing. Click “Apply” when done. Again exit by pressing the cross on the top right side.

5. When done click the mail icon (next to the print icon) on the top of your screen. Select “Attach to Mail” and than choose a send method. You will now be redirected to the mailclient of your choice with the filled Application Form PDF attached to an empty message.

6. Sent the email to both &


1. Download the Application Form.

2. Fill in the fields on pages 3 and 5 by clicking on it. If this doesn’t work, print out the form and manually fill it in.

3. Print out the filled form and sign on page 5. Scan the document and sent it to &

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