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3 Things to Know About the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship

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Each year, the Formula 1 World Championship introduces new changes, drivers and rules. To be as accurate as possible in your betting predictions, you need to gather the best insights on what changes every year, as slight alterations can produce huge performance differences.

Take some time to go through our guide on the 2019 World Championship season. We suggest that you start studying how the changes among the teams and the new regulations will likely affect the rankings, and subsequently, your betting strategy.

Drivers and teams

In 2019, more than half of the slots in the teams are occupied by new racers. Only two teams are keeping the same two drivers as in the 2018 season. Mercedes is staying with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, while Haas is sticking with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen.

The promotion of Charles Leclerc to Ferrari is one of the biggest and most unexpected changes. Leclerc has only been racing in Formula 1 for one full season. He is the least experienced driver to enter the Ferrari team ever since Gianni Morbidelli almost 30 years ago.

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In terms of moves in the opposite direction, we have Kimi Raikkonen. He is going back to Sauber 18 years after his initiation with the team, a change that very few F1 fans saw coming.

Daniel Ricciardo stepped out of the Red Bull team last year and moved into Renault. It was perhaps the biggest surprise of the season. Now, Pierre Gasly is substituting for Ricciardo. Gasly has just a little more experience than Charles Leclerc and is equally moving up the teams already.

The new names for the Toro Rosso team are Daniil Kvyat and Alexander Albon. Williams welcomes Robert Kubica and George Russell. Meanwhile, Antonio Giovinazzi and Lando Norris enter the Sauber and McLaren teams, respectively.


Red Bull has switched from Renault to Honda power units. This shift leaves McLaren as the only client team for Renault. Force India has gone through changes in ownership. Because of that, the team is rebranding and has adopted the name Racing Point.

New rules

New regulations in Formula 1 allow for cars with wider front wings. However, they must also be simpler. This measure was implemented in hopes of promoting better and fairer racing, in which cars can race closer to one another.

Many experts doubt that the wider front wings will have any significant impact, though.

The back of the cars also looks different, as they need to carry lights facing rearwards to improve and enhance visibility.

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In the 2019 World Championship season, there is a new minimum weight requirement. The weight of the driver plus their seat and equipment must reach a sum of at least 176 pounds (80 kilograms).

This requirement stems from the fact that taller and heavier racers can have a slight disadvantage.

There is more fuel available for the races in this year’s championship, as drivers can now count with 242.5 pounds of fuel (110 kilograms), an increase of 11 pounds.

Your betting success rate will increase as you get more and more knowledgeable on everything surrounding the Formula 1 World Championship.

What You Should Know About the Circuit of the Americas to Bet on the US Grand Prix

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Take a look at how the exclusive features of the Circuit of the Americas must influence your betting.

Circuit of the Americas

The Circuit of the Americas is a unique racing track in the Formula 1 calendar. It flaunts 20 turns and one long straight, with a hairpin turn immediately following.

After the starting line, racers drive uphill. Then, they meet several left and right turns heading downhill. This is the most thrilling part to viewers and bettors.

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The design of the track is ambitious and exciting. It allows for some of the most outstanding displays of skill. The circuit is located in Texas and hosts the United States Grand Prix. The length is approximately 3.5 miles, while the total race distance reaches almost 192 miles.

Betting tips for the United States Grand Prix

The schedule and the track have unique aspects that you need to consider.


The event is typically held in October or November. In 2019, it will take place on November 3rd. It means there is a 10% or higher chance of raining. It also means that the temperature is likely to be lower than in most Grand Prix events.

Keep in mind that cars that rely on warmer weather to keep the tires glued to the tracks and produce faster speeds can struggle a bit in the Circuit of the Americas.


The circuit is famously fast. Speeding out of turns and accelerating to gain position are the keys. When betting, make sure which cars are running up to the most demanding standards.

Each circuit and event deserve your close attention. To bet strategically, knowing how they impact the race is crucial.

3 Things to Know About the Standings Before Betting on Formula 1

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If you want to bet successfully on Formula 1, you need to clearly understand the basics. That includes learning about the ranking system and how the points at each phase can affect your betting strategy.

The points system

In Formula 1, points are given to the top 10 in any Grand Prix. The winner is awarded 25 points, while the 10th place receives one point. The points at the Grand Prix races will determine the winners of the World Championships for teams and drivers.

Results in individual races can make all the difference. There are many instances that prove it, such as the Lewis Hamilton win in 2008. His fifth place in the final race gave him one more point than the 2nd place in the championship, Felipe Massa.

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Standings at each stage

As with practically any other sport, what matters in Formula 1 is where the driver stands in the ranking at the end of the championship. However, teams, drivers and bettors alike, pay close attention to the rankings to see in which place a contender needs to land to move to the top.

This influences the way drivers race in each stage of the season. And it ultimately influences how bettors must adapt their strategy.

The penalty system

Drivers can be handed out penalty points for misbehavior. If they get 12 penalty points during a season, they are suspended from racing in the next event. Once the suspension is over, the penalty points are cleared.

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If the count doesn’t add up to 12 and no suspension takes place, the points expire after 12 months.

Conduct that justifies penalties includes blocking an opponent, provoking a collision or speeding in the pit lane. It is extremely rare for a driver to accumulate enough points to be banned from a race, though. The last one was Romain Grosjean in 2012.

Betting on Formula 1 can be fun, simple and exciting. There are many types of bets available, which we will cover on F4 Spain. To start out, understanding the points system and the standings are essential.